The Dying Matters Podcast: S2 E3 Dr Kathryn Mannix

What can you learn from watching thousands of people die? When Dr Kathryn Mannix asked herself that question, she realised that she had a lot to offer beyond the normal scope of her job as a palliative care doctor, caring for people at the end of life. With four decades of clinical practice, Kathryn is uniquely placed to tell us what it is actually like to die, and in her book, With the End in Mind, makes the case for approaching death not with fear, but with openness and understanding.

Dying Matters is a part of Hospice UK, the national charity for hospice and palliative care.

3 Jun 2019 • 45mins

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Dead Good Staffordshire Podcast

A podcast about death and dying, produced in Staffordshire for Dying Matters Awareness week 2018 and 2019. Kathryn discusses her experience as a palliative care consultant and her book, With The End In The Mind. 

May 2019 • 24mins

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May 2019 • 26mins

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May 2019 • 10mins

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Shapes of Grief: Episode 12 – Demystifying the dying process

Shapes of Grief is an internationally recognized organisation dedicated to enhancing competency around loss, grief and bereavement literacy. On this episode, psychotherapist and grief specialist Liz Gleeson speaks with Kathryn about her book, With The End In Mind.

8 May 2019 • 1hr 9mins

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Durham Book Festival 2018: Kathryn Mannix on With The End In Mind

This New Writing North podcast was recorded at Durham Book Festival 2018. In this episode, Kathryn talks to Professor Douglas Davies about her new book With the End in Mind. Durham Book Festival is commissioned by Durham County Council and produced by New Writing North.

12 Apr 2019 • 1hr 7mins

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Dear Lovejoy Podcast: Kathryn Mannix Full Interview!

In this podcast, Tim Lovejoy and Kathryn discuss tea, death and stories. Tim agrees: we really need to talk about this stuff.

17 Feb 2019 • 1hr 40mins

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Little Atoms Wellcome Prize Special: Kathryn Mannix’s With The End In Mind

Little Atoms is the official podcast partner of the Wellcome Book Prize, the only prize celebrating the topics of health and medicine in literature.

In this episode, Neil Denny talks to Dr Kathryn Mannix about her book With The End in Mind which was shortlisted for the 2018 Wellcome Book Prize.

30 Apr 2018 • 22mins

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