In a world where we have managed to overcome many challenges using technology and medical advances, there are still some difficult things that just won’t go away.

We have no cure for death. We’re getting better at postponing it, but sooner or later it comes to us all. So getting informed and prepared seems a good idea.

We have no workarounds for daunting conversations. Whether we like it or not, sometimes we have to take a deep breath and get into a conversation that we might have preferred to avoid.

I’ve spent my whole career working alongside dying people, and learning from them. Now, I want to share their wisdom with the world. I’m doing this by writing books and media articles, guesting on podcasts, lecturing and webcasting. If you’re already one of the thousands of people who have joined me on this venture, welcome. Our community of wisdom and kindness keeps growing, so if you’re new around here, welcome too!