Tunng Presents The Dead Club Podcast with Kathryn Mannix

In this episode of The Dead Club Podcast, Sam spoke to Kathryn after reading her book, With The End In Mind, in a conversation focused on the question of what is most needed at the end of life, the importance of talking about death, and the possibility that the experience of dying often isn’t as bad as most of us think it will be. The Dead Club Podcast is an 8 part podcast series that brings to life British band, Tunng’s ground-breaking collaborative musical project, Dead Club: a meditation on loss and a riotous trip through life in all its goodness, oddness and wonder.

6 Oct 2020 • 47mins

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Your Next Episode: Ep. 26 Dying.. probably not as bad as you think. With Kathryn Mannix

Hosts Louise and Aimee speak with Kathryn to discuss death, dying, and why we should be talking about it. (Recorded before Covid-19)

1 Jul 2020 • 1hr 10mins

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Shapes of Grief: Episode 47 – Dr. Kathryn Mannix on Dying & Death from Covid-19

Kathryn joins Shapes of Grief to discuss how dying and death have changed as a result of Covid-19. She demystifies what is happening in our hospitals and what families need to know about how their loved ones may be cared for.

5 May 2020 • 1hr 6mins

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Magnificent Midlife: 34 Talking about death with Dr Kathryn Mannix

Rachel Lancaster and Kathryn discuss With The End In Mind and why it is so important for people to have conversations about death before it’s too late.

6 Apr 2020 • 1hr 13mins

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Grief Encounters: With The End In Mind with Kathryn Mannix

Kathryn speaks with Grief Encounters host, Sasha, about how we approach loss and the grief that often follows. Kathryn and Sasha go into detail about the experience of death and our responsibility to make it as comfortable as possible for those that are ill, sharing both of their experiences. They also discuss the importance of living in the now how we must prepare ourselves for our own deaths.

5 Nov 2019 • 32mins

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Shapes of Grief: Episode 30 – Dr Kathryn Mannix and Liz on ‘Dying is everyone’s business’ / self-care

In this episode, Kathryn and Liz discuss the #ihfforum 2019 ‘Dying is Everybody’s Business’, at which Kathryn was keynote speaker. They look at what it takes to be an effective caring professional, how to avoid burnout and, when someone is dying, how do we know when “enough is enough.

26 Oct 2019 • 1hr 15mins

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Ideas Matter: Kathryn Mannix – Does a Good Death Make for a Good Life?

In conversation with her editor, Arabella Pike, Kathryn explores how we die, how to promote a greater understanding of an ordinary death, and how that can enable us to live a better life.

Ideas Matter is a podcast by William Collins Books. It shares the biggest ideas of our time brought to you by extraordinary authors, thinkers, and doers, in conversation with their editors.

16 Oct 2019 • 33mins

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Doing Death: Kathryn Mannix – How Can We Die Better?

Amanda Blainey and Kathryn talk about resolving personal issues whilst we are still alive, choosing the place to die, and how we can access better care when dying. And asks the big question: Is how we live a reflection on how we die?

2 Aug 2019 • 55mins

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