‘With the End in Mind’ is Kathryn’s book of stories about how real people cope with living and facing the end of their lives. It’s a handbook for how we can tackle a subject many of us are afraid to talk about.

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Using stories and activities can be a really good way to explore issues with a child who has been bereaved. Winston’s Wish has created a list of books, which they have found helpful when working with bereaved children, young people and their families. There are also textbooks and reference sources for people working in the area of child bereavement.

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In the absolute overwhelm of early bereavement, reading a ‘helpful book’ can feel too hard.

This beautiful book will help. It is simply quotations – the words of the many bereaved people the authors, Grief Therapists Katrina Taee and Wendelien McNicholl, have supported down the years. Every page, simply and yet gorgeously illustrated by Ruth Thorp, leaves space for thinking along with quotations so varied that there is bound to be one that echoes the reader’s own experience.

Page by page, the drawings and quotations walk from the anticipation of a death, through the devastating event and its immediate aftermath, and into the changed world afterwards. The early struggle to recognise the changed world, the gradual change towards living alongside the changes, the ebb and flow of grief, and the new way of living that we didn’t want, yet can still find our place in.

This book feels like a consoling conversation with a wise friend. Ray Owen is an experienced clinical psychologist who has years of experience helping people with cancer to navigate the storms their illness has unleashed in their lives.

I found new insights that helped me in this compassionate and practical book. When life feels overwhelming, reading can feel like ‘too much.’ Ray manages to meet you in that place and walk you gently forwards.

An essential guide for anyone facing, or caring for someone with, a long-term condition.
Practical, wise and easy-to-apply keys to getting the conversations with your doctors and nurses that you want and need.

Also, healthcare practitioners are enjoying this book, because those same keys offer them a form of words for those important conversations with their patients.

More information at The Waiting Room Revolution, where the authors, Doctors Hsien Seow and Sammy Winemaker, unpack lots of helpful tips and talk to patients, carers and health experts.