Wondering where to begin?

It can be difficult to open up a conversation about dying. You probably know already exactly to whom you would wish to say ‘I love you,’ ‘I am sorry,’ ‘Thank you’ and ‘I forgive you,’ but may wonder how to go about it. Perhaps writing to people may be easier than talking face to face, at least to open the conversation.

But how do you start such a letter? Telling people how important they are to us may feel daunting, as may asking for forgiveness or offering pardon for previous hurt. Here’s a letter template. You could use this by printing the page and then writing on it, or you may prefer simply to use any ideas in it that are helpful to you, and write a letter in your own way to the people who are important to you. Then you might post it, or keep it and think a while, or read it aloud to the person. Or you could put it away for them to find and read after your death – but how much more benefit there could be for both of you to share it while you are still able to relish the new understanding such a letter may bring.

These resources are only that – resources. What you make of them, and of the rest of this book, is entirely up to you. I hope it helps.

Download template to write your own letter